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Roger Davies
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Date:2003-09-29 17:00
Subject:In the Library -Open-

Roger yawned and flipped lazily through a book on dark creatures, glancing down at his watch now and then. Merlin was he bored. Seemed like there was nothing to do around this place anymore, or maybe that was just because he was no longer a student where more options were open to him. He was beginning to wonder why he left his ministry job for this.

No, no. Don't say that. He gave a small shake of his head, lifting light blue eyes up for a moment to travel across the room.

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Date:2003-09-06 20:36
Subject:In the Library

Roger flicked his wand lazily and summoned a book over to his table. It was almost odd being in the old castle again after being absent from it's halls and classrooms for the last few years, but it seemed like nothing had changed.

He grabbed the book as it landed on the table, flipping through the old, slightly yellowed pages. Some of the information was terribly inaccurate and out of date, but he didn't mind. He enjoyed reading through old texts, seeing how people use to view certain creatures and the like.

He looked up occasionally, smiling and nodding as a few students would pass by. He couldn't help but laugh a little. He remembered, when he was in school, telling Cho he'd never want to be a teacher because he'd hate to give people work.. but here he was. Perhaps he had changed more then he thought.

Or maybe not.

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Date:2003-09-03 00:05
Subject:In his flat
Mood: peaceful

Roger gave a soft moan and stretched in his sleep, turning his head to the side and slowly running his hand up the back of the person with him. He didn't want to get up. Didn't want to go to work. He wasn't sure what time it was, wasn't sure he wanted to find out either.

But surely enough his eyes fluttered open and he winced at the sudden change in light. Even for having his shades drawn and being in the shade of the mountain, the sun still seemed to be awful bright as it rose up into the sky. He yawned, blinkly in rapid succession as he scratched his head. It took him a moment to remember where he was and why he was here, but when he looked down at Cho's sleeping form it came back to him. He smiled gently and brushed a bang out of her face, caressing her cheek as he brought his hand back. He was stiff. The couch wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep, especially with 2 people, but he didn't mind.

He yawned again, checking around for a clock. His eyes were still out of focus but when he could finally rid the numbers on the digital face he sneered. It was still early. Too late to go to work, but too early to be up, especially if you didn't have school. He didn't care though. he didn't even move. He just continued to lay there with Cho, watching her chest rise and fall, content with staying with her til she woke.

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Date:2003-08-31 13:56

Owl to ChoCollapse )

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